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BATHUSE Organisation is a nonprofit organization established in terms of NPO Act 71, 1997 of the South African.Today, our world has been
one global community and citizenship. History has recorded catastrophic human abuses in various parts of our world. The backdrop of the formation of the organization was driven by the indispensable urge to make a significant contribution in addressing some of the many catastrophic issues affecting our human society in this day.


A spirit of helping others is a spirit of giving. Therefore, we are never without need for helping hands from everyone who can volunteer to assist the organization in their various on-going projects especially in the Gauteng Region.All ages are most welcome as we have awaiting purposes for all age groups within our projects.


Organisation Efforts are driven by the dire situational needs, we encounter in societies that demand a helping hand.

Unless we all put our hands and resources together, matters can only get worse for our fellow human beings while we stand aside and look.

Volunteer Services..

Due to current constraints in financial resources as an emerging organisation, our projects are still centered in South Africa and all its Provinces. We, however, aim to expand our humanitarian services to other continental regions and global areas.

Our urban areas are swamped by an ever increasing population of helpless old aged citizens; women trapped into prostitution; drug addicts; ex-convicts stranded for a livelihood; HIV/Aids struck persons- whose families can’t just manage to sustain the escalating costs of maintaining the relatives; the list of calamities just goes on. 


Among the core mandates and objectives of the organization is to be and remain a driving force in pioneering the welfare and protection of fellow beings.

Herein, termed as our beneficiaries.

Implementing these various programs demands huge financial inputs.

It is therefore our sincere appeal for any funding/donations by individuals/businesses/embassies/ governments and related institutions locally and globally to make donations towards these noble projects aimed at minimizing and alleviating human suffering in our human society.

     You Can WE Help..